The Original SnoWonder Snow Scoop is 30” wide X 25.5” deep X 6” tall.  It has a 48” long handle attached by 4 bolts.  The Scoop is composed of fiberglass and has 2 wood runners. 

· Cleans snow quickly and easily

· No strenuous lifting like a regular Snow Shovel

· SnoWonder glides easily over concrete and asphalt even when full of snow.

· Snow slides off Scoop with a quick push, tug, or dump

·  No Fueling / Maintenance costs

· Easy assembly—Install 4 bolts and your ready to clear snow

Price: $124.95

I have a bad back, and have found the SnoWonder to be an excellent upgrade from the standard shovel, without the extra hassle of a Snow blower.  The muscles used in operating it are the legs and arms, not the back, and even after a big job my temperamental spine feels fine.  I would recommend this product. 


- J.M. Marion, Iowa

 Customer Testimonials

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 I ordered your snow scoop and I have to say it is finally the only “shovel” I will ever purchase. I have a driveway that is 30 feet wide and 70 feet long and when there is a good amount of snow it would take me over an hour and near exhaustion before I would finish.  I shoveled with the snow scoop this year and I not only finished my driveway in less than  a half hour I also finished my neighbor’s driveway as well… This is the best investment anyone could ever have.  Thanks again for being there for me. 


- K.M. Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

I just recently had an opportunity to see one of your SUPER snow shovels -- the fiberglass extra wide pusher that works just great. In fact my friend, who received his as a gift, sold his snow blower after using it a few times. Please advise me where I may obtain one for myself. Thank You!

- D.L.G. Omaha, NE

I have owned and used a great piece of snow removal equipment for over 10 years now -- the SnoWonder. After having had surgery on my hand in January and with our increased snowfall this year, I have been unable to shovel or use .... my snow blower.... Thanks for your help, and thanks again for such a "scoop"

- L. C. Lincoln, NE

After having one of your SnoWonder for 16 years, I find I am in need of a new one. I am a widow 72 years, and am so grateful that with your snow remover, I am able to clear my driveway and walks with no help. In fact, I like it so well I am ordering them for my sons and grandsons as a Christmas present. I would like for you to ship me six snow removers...

- H.R. Wyoming, IA

The SnoWonder

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