Price: $124.95

The Original SnoWonder Snow Scoop is 30” wide X 25.5” deep X 6” tall.  It has a 48” long handle attached by 4 bolts.  The Scoop is composed of fiberglass and has 2 wood runners.  The SnoWonder is perfect for clearing sidewalks and driveways quickly and easily.

The SnoWonder Snow Scoop

Price: $109.95

The Small SnoWonder Snow Scoop is only  24” Wide X 20” deep X 7” tall.  It has a 48” long handle.  It is also composed of fiberglass with wood runners.  This smaller version is recommended for small driveways and sidewalks. Also for places that do not receive much snowfall.  

The Small SnoWonder Snow Scoop

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Tired of shoveling? Try the SnoWonder™ Snow Scoop! from the T-J Gas Company home of the SnoWonder Snow Scoop